City music tours

See the Place, Imagine the Time & Encounter the Genius with orhan!


Salzburg, a city steeped in romance and
the birthplace of W.A. Mozart, holds secrets
beyond its musical heritage. Join me in
exploring its rich tapestry of poetry, history,
and architecture, accompanied by the melodies
that define its soul, unraveling the city’s vibrant
past and present.
Experience Salzburg in a whole new light –
an adventure you won’t soon forget!

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Venture beyond Munich’s famed Oktoberfest and
iconic landmarks to uncover its rich musical history!
Embark on the Munich Music Tour with me,
a captivating 3-hour journey
spanning from the 1580s to the 1980s.
As we traverse approximately 3 km, we’ll explore
8 significant locations, immersing ourselves
in the melodies of 25 remarkable works of music
while delving into intriguing stories.
Don’t let this opportunity slip away—join me and experience what most overlook in Munich’s vibrant tapestry!


Did you know Munich owes its origins to wealthy citizens from Augsburg, who built it to accommodate their workers? Interestingly, the richest individual in history hailed from Augsburg! Furthermore, without another Augsburger, the world may never have known Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Augsburg holds many other secrets.
Join me on the Augsburg Music Tour, a 3-hour journey uncovering these hidden tales. We’ll walk about 2.5 km,
visiting 8 unexpected locations, while enjoying
25 musical works. Get ready to hear rarely shared stories about some of history’s most famous figures.
Let’s explore Augsburg’s secrets together!