Munich music tour

welcome to munich!

Welcome to HitTheRoad Cultural Journeys’ Munich Music Tour,
where history harmonizes with melodies to create an unforgettable experience for you!
Join me as we journey through the heart of Munich, uncovering its rich musical heritage, recalling famous musicians
and important musical events, listening to works closely related to the city of Munich. 
For a little more information have a look at my short video just below!

We’ll delve into the diverse soundscape of Munich,
from Renaissance to the 20th Century, and
immerse ourselves in musical compositions.
Come, be part of a symphony of sights, sounds,
and stories that will resonate long after the tour ends.

   🕒   c. 2,5 hours
   🚶‍♂️    3 km. (completely flat)
   🏛   10 locations
8 composers/artists 
   🎶   25 musical works
   group, meeting, point, team, teamwork    meeting point: Kaulbachstraße 16, 80539

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