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Do You love music, history and architecture? Since the 1990s I have given talks on the history and architecture of places like St. Petersburg, Venice, Istanbul, New York City and Cappadocia. Below is a list of my current talks and lecture recitals. Join me as we embark on an enriching exploration of music, architecture, and history together!

A history of european music in turkey since 1826

Did you know that Western Classical Music has a
200-year-old history in Turkey? Picture Donizetti, Vieuxtemps, Liszt, Bartók, Hindemith,  gracing the streets of Istanbul or Ankara! And let’s not forget about Turkish composers and their extraordinary works.
Join my multimedia lecture, a unique journey through Turkey’s rich classical music heritage. Paired with a solo violin recital featuring unknown works by prominent composers, this experience represents a profound music reform you won’t find elsewhere.
Curious? Drop me a line and be part of this extraordinary musical exploration!


hindemith to taut, music to architecture. Turkish-German collaboration in the early republic

A variant of the first lecture, this lecture delves more into the dynamic collaboration between German émigrés, who fled Nazi Germany, and Turkey, shaping its cultural, architectural, and scientific landscape during the Early Republic era. Through thoughtful discussions and historical insights, we unravel the profound impact of these collaborations on Turkish creativity and innovation. Drop me a line to find out about this piece of history, that is mostly completely unknown to both Turkish and non-Turkish audiences.  

atatürk and the musıc reform ın turkey

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, played a pivotal role in modernizing virtually all aspects of Turkish society, including music. Under his leadership, Turkey underwent a significant cultural transformation and secularization.

He recognized the power of music as a tool for social cohesion and national identity and believed that music should reflect the modern aspirations of the new republic while preserving Turkey’s rich cultural heritage. I typically combine this talk with a solo violin recital of works by Turkish composers, which are almost never performed! Drop me line.

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Baroque, vivaldi & le quattro stagioni

Most recorded piece of Classical Music, the Four Seasons is certainly one of the most popular musical works ever composed. In this lecture-recital, you will find out about what Baroque is, background of Venice, and its composer with the nickname il Prete Rosso. You will hear all the musical depictions by the instrument they were meant to be played by, the violin. My most popular talk have been heard in schools, associations and universities.

Ferdinand the bull

A favorite of all ages, Ferdinand the Bull was written by Munro Leaf in 1935 in less than an hour and was composed in 1974 by Alan Ridout for solo violin and narrator. This funny story, both played and narrated by me, is a great addition to your party and lasts 13 minutes..

1938 Walt Disney. Ferdinand the Bull (8)